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Concentration of C-reactive protein, magnesium and calcium in children with acute bronchoconstriction before and after therapy with salbutamol

Dodig, Slavica; Cepelak, Ivana; Raos, Miljenko; Zrinski Topic, Renata; Zivcic, Jadranka; Pavic, Ivan (2010)
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Naslov (engleski)Concentration of C-reactive protein, magnesium and calcium in children with acute bronchoconstriction before and after therapy with salbutamol
AutorDodig, Slavica
Cepelak, Ivana
Raos, Miljenko
Zrinski Topic, Renata
Zivcic, Jadranka
Pavic, Ivan
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Introduction: In childhood, bronchoobstruction is mostly caused by respiratory viral infections. The aim of this study was to find out possible changes in serum concentration of magnesium and calcium (participants in bronchoconstriction), and concentration of C-reactive protein (marker of inammation) in children with moderate and severe bronchoconstriction, caused by viral respiratory infections. Materials and methods: The study included 32 children with acute bronchoconstriction caused by a viral respiratory infection. Inhalation of salbutamol was administered according to the severity of bronchoconstriction. Blood sampling was done on admission and the third day of salbutamol administration. Results: Therapy with salbutamol led to a relief of dyspnea within 36 hours, and symptoms of viral infection have relieved. During follow-up period, magnesium concentration was higher in children with moderate (but not in severe) bronchoconstriction than in healthy children, with consequently higher magnesium to calcium ratio. Concentration of C-reactive protein decreased spontaneously by gradual disappearance of signs and symptoms of viral infection. Conclusion: Determination of serum magnesium and calcium concentrations and determination of their ratio are not sufficient enough to follow-up on effects of therapy. Additional studies of ionized forms of magnesium and calcium, their intracellular content, as well as concentration in exhaled breath condensate are needed.
Ključne riječi (engleski)asthma bronchoconstriction calcium child C-reactive protein magnesium
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Naslov časopisaBiochemia medica : Biochemia medica
Brojčani podaci2010, Vol. 20, br. 2, str. 242-248
Datumdatum objave publikacije: 04.06.2010.
URL radahttp://hrcak.srce.hr/53382
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